Selena Maestrini: lanzhou mountains #2
Selena Maestrini: lanzhou mountains #1
csant: dark fir.
valeria burgoa: DSC07187
valeria burgoa: DSC07320 (Medium)
valeria burgoa: Mandalas escultura #burgoa #mata tejido organico
valeria burgoa: Filtros foto para obra
valeria burgoa: Instalación el nido tejido #art #instalación #reciclaje
valeria burgoa: Desmontando Expo #elnidotejido #instalación #escultura #art
irecyclart: Teabags Frames
Slightly Cynical: Wall at Nomadic Museum
laughingpurplegoldfish: Tea Bag String Infinity Scarf
...Olivier...: Hommage à Vermeer
Smithsonian Institution: Page 8 [loose insert] of Donald Erdman's journal, with drawing of fish identified as possibly Lutjanus sp. [Spot snapper]
Inka Zivana: Spring cleaning
Isabelle Sauvageot: objets-rouge-et-blanc
Isabelle Sauvageot: groseilles
Isabelle Sauvageot: objets-jetables
csant: butterfly (a delicate drawing…)
Jaron's Art: Number Train
Jaron's Art: Transformers Devastator
Jaron's Art: Alphabet Bus
Jaron's Art: Transformers Robot
MrtyHrrs1: St. Louis River, Jay Cooke State Park in Winter
dfs stubbs: a house is not a home;acrylic 70x120
dfs stubbs: sig; acrylic 60x85