Hendrik Lohmann: Grüezi from the swiss mountains :-)
19Mauro64: Via XX Settembre I
19Mauro64: Via XX Settembre II
Zeeyolq Photography: Happy Smiley
Shadyezz: Nightmoves
Mariano Belmar Torrecilla: entre hierbas 2
camera_obscura/ vic: divergence... or...
meuh1246: Levalet_6147 rue Houdart Paris 20
meuh1246: Iléa_6116 passage des Abbesses Paris 18
una cierta mirada: Primera luz
gpaolini50: Untitled-Egon Sheele
jean-michel radet: Coucher de Soleil / Anglet-Biarritz
TBWLC Photography: "Figures Libres à Paris 156"
anata39: IMG_20190929_093418bcd
TBWLC Photography: "Figures Libres à Paris 157"
Fan.D & Dav.C Photgraphy: Friendship is being brother and sister, two souls who touch each other without being confused, the two fingers of the hand. Love is to be two and to be one
josef...: dialogue
tanitzergh: Giocando...
Eggii: Night