loryxxyy: _R128767-02
JensLPZ: Zoom in for great comorant action! Kormoran (Phalacrocorax carbo) - great cormorant 5D4_5694-klein
JensLPZ: Zoom in! Heavy rain (in night and backlight): Graureiher (Ardea cinerea) - Gray/grey heron 5D4_1073-klein
Naturetrek Wildlife Holidays: Marvellous Spatuletail
Naturetrek Wildlife Holidays: Sword-billed hummingbird
Naturetrek Wildlife Holidays: Hawk Owl (Jari Peltomaki)
Ania Tuzel Photography: No More Pictures !!!
Mobile Lynn: And then there were two.............. 750_0274.jpg
Karen Miller Photography: Red Squirrel, RSPB Loch Leven
JensLPZ: In the dark night: : Fischotter (Lutra lutra) - Otter (5D4_3537-klein.jpg)
Dr DAD (Daniel A D'Auria MD): Butterfly Kisses 3I4519
Futoigokiburi: Level up
Murat Öztürk...: Ant Attack
RGL Photography: Yellow-crowned Night Heron - Nyctanassa violacea | 2018 - 8
Howard Brodsky / Off: Great Grey Owl, early morning Fall image.
Kyle Moore Photography: Red deer stag bellowing
AnimaMundiMagazine: Black-backed jackal Canis mesomelas