diane charvat: Pontiac Front End
votrepear: A box of hands
Sisu Forever: I've Got A Secret!
MichellePhotos2: Pere Marquette 1225
mswan777: Wind blown - Explore
raddad! aka Randy Knauf: 1950 Ford Hood Ornament
Eggii: autumn
Blondieyooper: Shroomage
Eggii: autumn leaves
kathleenjones1: 0ne lump or two?
*Lisa.l: as you want me, extreme naked
Gerlanda: rise aand shine
*Lisa.l: born in October ⭐️
Eggii: reflection
Amy Caldwell: Cracked
Amy Caldwell: Reflections of....
Amy Caldwell: Ripples in Time
REM Photo: Morning On The Pond
T P Mann Photography: Cool Foggy Morning
Kevin Povenz: Big Sable......
Sisu Forever: Out Of Darkness
mswan777: Grand Mere Dunes
*Lisa.l: “Less is more” Motel Connection ⭐️
Kevin Povenz: Thursday Night's Moon Shot.....
Kevin Povenz: Coming soon to a park near you.....
mswan777: Break in the clouds
Eggii: ***