VanMitte: Larnaca, the old town. Everything is just beginning.
VanMitte: Man and building
VanMitte: "Five million dollars"
VanMitte: Moscow. In search of silence.
VanMitte: Shadows. Light and color.
VanMitte: Fishing
VanMitte: Hard working days.
VanMitte: In autumn it gets dark early.
VanMitte: To the South! It's sunny there, it's warm there...
VanMitte: "What's the power, brother?"
VanMitte: At the flea market. Portrait of a saleswoman.
VanMitte: Let's go grocery shopping. To the morning market.
VanMitte: Melodies of Limassol. Cyprus, August 2021.
VanMitte: Rushing at full speed
VanMitte: Mister, don't forget, the stairs are very slippery…
VanMitte: Look!!! Here it is. Right here!!!
VanMitte: PHOTOSESSION. Natural light.
VanMitte: On the stairs. Down, of course, is easier.
VanMitte: Visiting a carpenter's workshop
VanMitte: SuperCar Chevrolet Corvette with a carbon body
VanMitte: Lombargini. Forced stop.
VanMitte: Men's interests
VanMitte: The road to the Temple
VanMitte: LENIN
VanMitte: Forced stop of the motorcade.
VanMitte: In the copper shop
VanMitte: Just the two of us?
VanMitte: It will be a notable fishing!!!
VanMitte: Banknotes
VanMitte: I carry everything with me