tsevis: Elizabeth Warren: The stars and stripes portrait
tsevis: President Barack Obama: Weaving a stars and stripes portrait
tsevis: I dreamed of Mandela's Africa
tsevis: Benjamin Franklin: The polymath (Blue Version)
tsevis: Benjamin Franklin: The polymath
tsevis: Barack Obama Mapped
tsevis: Mother Teresa: From the Greek people to the Albanian people
tsevis: Θα την ξαναφτιάξω (I will reconstruct her)
tsevis: Yes We Can. Again
tsevis: Barack Obama: Stars, stripes and ideals
tsevis: Just the United States
tsevis: Barack Obama: We've got his back
tsevis: Unmasking Thomas Jefferson: The president's portrait for Smithsonian Magazine
tsevis: Thomas Jefferson: The Master of Monticelo (for Smithsonian magazine)
tsevis: Barack Obama: Hopeful because of you
tsevis: Warren Buffett portrait for Transaero magazine
tsevis: We can code it! (for Mother Jones magazine)
tsevis: President Obama for Huffington Magazine
tsevis: Mitt Romney for Huffington Magazine
tsevis: The New Rick Perry: A Mosaic portrait for National Journal
tsevis: Europe: The Stars are us (Alexis Tsipras for MONO magazine)
tsevis: A colorful Michelle Obama for Hemispheres magazine
tsevis: Barack Obama: The red, the blue and the United States of America.
tsevis: Julian Assange and his Leaking World
tsevis: President Barack Obama: An African portrait
tsevis: Yvette Jarvis: Black Magic Woman
tsevis: Congratulation, Mr.President! (A Madiba mosaic portrait of President Barack Obama)
tsevis: President Obama: The Stars and Stripes mosaic portrait
tsevis: Barack Obama: A colorful (almost African) portrait
tsevis: R.I.P. Edward Kennedy (An American Portrait)