tsevis: Yes We Can. Again
tsevis: Barack Obama: Stars, stripes and ideals
tsevis: Barack Obama: We've got his back
tsevis: Barack Obama: Hopeful because of you
tsevis: Just the United States
tsevis: Barack Obama Mapped
tsevis: President Barack Obama: Weaving a stars and stripes portrait
tsevis: President Obama for Huffington Magazine
tsevis: The World for Barack Obama (Mosaic Illustration)
tsevis: Barack Obama: An American Portrait
tsevis: Barack Obama: Hope over fear (Mosaic Illustration)
tsevis: Barack Obama: A mosaic of people
tsevis: Barack Obama: All Night Elections Watch Gala Invitation
tsevis: President Obama: The Stars and Stripes mosaic portrait
tsevis: Barack Obama: The red, the blue and the United States of America.
tsevis: Barack Obama: All President's Gadgets
tsevis: President Barack Obama: An African portrait
tsevis: Congratulation, Mr.President! (A Madiba mosaic portrait of President Barack Obama)
tsevis: Barack Obama: A colorful (almost African) portrait
tsevis: United Counties of Obama
tsevis: A colorful Michelle Obama for Hemispheres magazine
tsevis: Michelle Obama: A portrait of Mrs O.
tsevis: Callie Shell: Following Barack Obama since 2004.
tsevis: #ThanksObama (for 8 years of historic progress)
tsevis: Hail to the Chief: A Statistical Portrait of the Obama Presidency (for Observer)