tsevis: Steve Jobs for Fortune magazine
tsevis: Barack Obama: A mosaic of people
tsevis: Fortune: The trouble with Steve Jobs
tsevis: Musical wave (illustration study)
tsevis: Steve Jobs 2011 (black)
tsevis: Steve Jobs 2011 (white)
tsevis: Barack Obama: An American Portrait
tsevis: Steve Jobs made out of icons
tsevis: Psychedelic Steve Jobs (collage portrait for ALFA magazine, Brazil)
tsevis: The World for Barack Obama (Mosaic Illustration)
tsevis: Michael Phelps portrait for The Los Angeles Times
tsevis: Britney Spears: A life mosaic
tsevis: Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg for WIRED magazine
tsevis: Steve Jobs for FOCUS Italia
tsevis: Happy birthday Steve Jobs! (A mosaic portrait for the Los Angeles Times)
tsevis: I Like Facebook
tsevis: Kobe Bryant: L.A.Lakers Colors
tsevis: Barack Obama: Hope over fear (Mosaic Illustration)
tsevis: Congrats Mark Zuckerberg!
tsevis: Brazil: Six Stars 2010
tsevis: David Fincher: Portraying the social network icon
tsevis: Does the Internet make you smarter? (Illustration for the Wall Street Journal)
tsevis: iPublishing, iReading, iEnjoying
tsevis: Tomohiro Nishikado: The Space Invader
tsevis: John Nack on Adobe CS3
tsevis: Crowdsourcing Coversourcing
tsevis: Alessandro Del Piero: A Soccer Legend 1
tsevis: Thom Yorke & Coachella by the numbers for OC Weekly
tsevis: Cristiano Ronaldo: Portugal 2010
tsevis: iPad Woman: The wired and wireless future of media and infotainment