tsevis: Thom Yorke & Coachella by the numbers for OC Weekly
tsevis: London 2012: Reaching new heights!
tsevis: London 2012: Chariots of color
tsevis: London 2012: Dream city
tsevis: London 2012: Back to where it all started!
tsevis: London 2012: Let the party begin!
tsevis: We can code it! (for Mother Jones magazine)
tsevis: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... typefaces
tsevis: Qrator: Join the fun!
tsevis: CTina's ty...portrait
tsevis: The "Amazing Grace" Hopper
tsevis: The Dogs of Cyberwar (for Leader's Edge magazine)
tsevis: Barry Libert: Open everything
tsevis: Steve Jobs in the Front Row...
tsevis: Coco Chanel in the Front Row...
tsevis: Decoding Alan Turing
tsevis: The 1s and 0s of John von Neumann
tsevis: Socrates’ EthiCS
tsevis: Numbers for the rest of us...
tsevis: Numbertrait 01
tsevis: NipponJapan
tsevis: My Typortrait
tsevis: Typography Power
tsevis: Craig Newmark ty-po-rtrait
tsevis: South Africa 2010: Black beauty
tsevis: Africa 2010: A ...neo-cubism experiment
tsevis: African Jewel: Experimenting Neocubism
tsevis: Robert Miles: Dreamland (Experimental)
tsevis: Barack Obama: Hopeful because of you