tsevis: Hugh Laurie: The House ...of pills (for TV Guide)
tsevis: A home for Big Santa (Cover illustration for Big Issue magazine)
tsevis: Happy Christmas from Street Cat Bob (for Big Issue UK)
tsevis: Simone De Beauvoir: The butterfly (for Womankind magazine Australia)
tsevis: Rachel Carson for Womankind Australia
tsevis: Shaquille O'Neal: Most Creative People 2012
tsevis: I, VIRUS: The hands (For Science News magazine)
tsevis: I, VIRUS: The body (For Science News magazine)
tsevis: The mobile advisor (for REP. magazine)
tsevis: Fresh SSD Disks for the springtime
tsevis: Adobe Creative Cloud for Fortune magazine
tsevis: An ...Alibaba Chinese flag Made in the USA (for Fortune magazine)
tsevis: The amazing universe of Stephen Hawking (for Monet magazine)
tsevis: Jamie Oliver: Food revolution (for Time Out London)
tsevis: Womankind magazine: The Hellenic issue
tsevis: Womankind magazine: The Russian issue
tsevis: Womankind: The Vietnamese issue
tsevis: Womankind: The Argentinian issue
tsevis: Mona Lisa for Womankind magazine
tsevis: Frida Kahlo for Womankind Australia.
tsevis: Hugh Laurie: The House ...of pills
tsevis: Thom Yorke & Coachella by the numbers for OC Weekly
tsevis: A colorful Michelle Obama for Hemispheres magazine
tsevis: Europe: The Stars are us (Alexis Tsipras for MONO magazine)
tsevis: We can code it! (for Mother Jones magazine)
tsevis: The Dogs of Cyberwar (for Leader's Edge magazine)
tsevis: Love HER! Scarlett Johansson for the cover of QUO magazine.
tsevis: DONALD TRUMP: Made with dollars.
tsevis: Stan Lee by his superheroes (for The Hollywood Reporter)
tsevis: Vivienne Westwood: The Only Punk Left