Toni_V: Ringackerkapelle @ Leuk . Switzerland
Toni_V: charnel house . leuk switzerland
Toni_V: What you are, we once were. What we are, you will become.
Toni_V: ✝ charnel house . #2
Toni_V: they are waiting for us
Toni_V: annual visit @ charnel house Leuk (VS)
Toni_V: a look behind the curtain...
Toni_V: Tag wohl Leuk (VS)
Toni_V: Come in! make yourself at home.
Toni_V: The Wall (inverted version)
Toni_V: The Death's Shadow
Toni_V: downtown Leuk (VS)
Toni_V: (secret) swiss eavesdropping operation
Toni_V: Leuk, Valais