toddkraemer: IMG_4013
toddkraemer: IMG_4029
toddkraemer: IMG_4011
toddkraemer: Old Car Festival
toddkraemer: Watching capitalism in action at Somerset. I even parked on the swanky side.
toddkraemer: Belle Isle fountain
toddkraemer: Belle Isle Aquarium entrance
toddkraemer: Drinkin' like The Dude at atheist WAB... my first White Russian.
toddkraemer: Ending the night with my little ladies on this...
toddkraemer: Vintage stained glass panels.
toddkraemer: Michigan Train Depot study #2
toddkraemer: Michigan Train Depot study #1
toddkraemer: Detroit train depot with sun flares behind.
toddkraemer: Pride of Baltimore II tall ship docked in Detroit
toddkraemer: Pride of Baltimore II tallship docked at the Detroit River
toddkraemer: Ren Cen in the sunlight.
toddkraemer: A stop just for Vernors next door at Lafayette Coney... just to be fair.
toddkraemer: Hanging out in the "D" this afternoon. Coneys for lunch, of course.
toddkraemer: Brass Civil War cannon ready for the 1812 Overture and fireworks tonight.
toddkraemer: Drum and fife corps marching in full traditional dress... in 90+ degree heat.
toddkraemer: What's up, stretch?
toddkraemer: Just monkeying around. Err... "gorilla-ing."
toddkraemer: What are you lookin' at?
toddkraemer: Label on an old corn de-kerneling machine.
toddkraemer: Shitter's full.
toddkraemer: Is that a goat?