takenbyicarus: Milky Way Over The Temple Of Poseidon
takenbyicarus: IMG_5053
takenbyicarus: IMG_9731-1
takenbyicarus: IMG_2335-3
takenbyicarus: IMG_8103
takenbyicarus: IMG_20190412_180103
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takenbyicarus: IMG_9254
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takenbyicarus: IMG_5733
takenbyicarus: 2019-02-20_11-19-18
takenbyicarus: Tourist mode: On.
takenbyicarus: The luxury collection.
takenbyicarus: Sometimes things refuse to go the way we plan.
takenbyicarus: IMG_9025
takenbyicarus: IMG_8990
takenbyicarus: Favela.
takenbyicarus: Smoking and inhaling every moment.
takenbyicarus: IMG_8330
takenbyicarus: IMG_8341~3
takenbyicarus: IMG_5287
takenbyicarus: Speeding for the finish line.
takenbyicarus: IMG_4999