steinliland: thunder and lightning
steinliland: Top wiev, showing the western part of the Lofoten islands.
steinliland: Lake Solbjornvannet in Flakstad and Moskenes islands
steinliland: Lake "Solbjornvannet" in Lofoten islands
steinliland: Brewing snow storm with northen lights activity
steinliland: Utsikti
steinliland: Bound for harbour
steinliland: Arctic coastal wiev
steinliland: Winter landscape from Lofoten islands
steinliland: In the Beauty of Nature
steinliland: Aurora Borealis on sky in Lofoten islands
steinliland: Arctic sunrise
steinliland: Dancing in the dark
steinliland: Litj Sandnes
steinliland: Frosty day
steinliland: Finally winter
steinliland: Mt. Scott tinden"
steinliland: Solitarity
steinliland: Brewing winter
steinliland: Majestic mountains
steinliland: Lady Aurora - The claw of the green dragon
steinliland: Fjelldans
steinliland: Winter beach with brewing northern lights under The big Dipper
steinliland: Sun rays at sunfall
steinliland: Majestic natur
steinliland: A coastal summer view from Lofoten
steinliland: A night in August to remember
steinliland: Arctic summer
steinliland: Night in August
steinliland: Reflexions