steinliland: Polar low pressure hit the land
steinliland: Nusfjord
steinliland: Skydance
steinliland: Misty Mountains
steinliland: King of the heap
steinliland: A moonlight night from Flakstad island, Lofoten
steinliland: Mt."Tinntinden" in Moskenes island, Lofoten archipelago
steinliland: Lady Aurora. Hand of the green Dragon
steinliland: A post card from Lofoten
steinliland: måneskinnsnatt
steinliland: With greetings from Lady Aurora
steinliland: Northern Lights from Flakstad, Lofoten
steinliland: Nordlys 1
steinliland: Northern lights above Mt.Offersøykammen
steinliland: Mountain row out in the sea
steinliland: Just before sunset
steinliland: Utsikt fra Kvasstinden
steinliland: Silence
steinliland: Those were the days. Old time. Old gear
steinliland: Sunset in September
steinliland: Sky on fire
steinliland: Autumn
steinliland: Nocturne
steinliland: Høsthav
steinliland: Green fire
steinliland: Stormy weather hit the land
steinliland: Seinsommernatt
steinliland: Night in August
steinliland: Hålogalandsbrua ved Narvik