steinliland: Land of elves
steinliland: Lofoten highlights
steinliland: Vestervika i Flakstad
steinliland: Parti fra Sukkertoppen på Senja flickr
steinliland: Riding on the beach
steinliland: Midnight sun in the arctic
steinliland: Nappstraumen ved Lillesandnes red flickr
steinliland: Lofotgeit
steinliland: Windy scene from Sandnes in Lofoten
steinliland: Kveldro ved Litj Sandnes
steinliland: Colours by the sea
steinliland: Mai hav
steinliland: Asperatus skyer ved Myrland i Flakstad, Lofoten
steinliland: Into the Dolomites
steinliland: Summernight at Myrland in Flakstad
steinliland: And then the rain came...
steinliland: Furious storm hits the land
steinliland: Brewing storm
steinliland: Polar Low
steinliland: Utakleiv The worlds most romantic beach according to "The Times"
steinliland: Stormy day in Lofoten
steinliland: The beach at Myrland
steinliland: Polart lavtrykk i anmarsj
steinliland: Lofoten summer
steinliland: Misty Mountains
steinliland: cold north wind is blowing
steinliland: Aurora borealis - The green Lady
steinliland: Utsikt fra Nesheia over Nusfjord red
steinliland: Cold night way up north
steinliland: View from Mt. Ryten towards the famous beaches Kvalvika og Vestervika