mitsushiro-nakagawa: The place where the lovers met.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: On the phone.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: Reading at the Grand Central Terminal.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: To the next station. (My son, Yui, 4 years old.)
mitsushiro-nakagawa: whoops. :) (My son, Yui, 4 years old.)
mitsushiro-nakagawa: 5 Yo. :) (My son, Yui, 4 years old.)
mitsushiro-nakagawa: yellow. Green. Red. purple.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: Greengrocer in the city center.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: River Seine in the afternoon.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: Sightseeing on the Seine.(My son , Yui. 4years old.):)
mitsushiro-nakagawa: Silver door.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: Subway premises.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: Back street at 8 am.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: People before the louvre.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: Trapezoidal landscape.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: It and it and it and its space.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: Champs Elysees through the glass.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: No intrusion.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: Taxi driver.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: An old couple in Brooklyn Bridge.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: Red light + "What you need" = cityscape
mitsushiro-nakagawa: Subway entrance.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: Blue wall and woman.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: Between the buildings.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: Gucci in the afternoon.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: Old couple. Trees. door.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: He and she and puddle.