SoakinJo: Suited, Booted and Soaked
SoakinJo: Soakin in Leather
SoakinJo: Wet Leather and Chains
SoakinJo: Wet Levis Fountain
SoakinJo: Wet Levis Fountain
SoakinJo: Wet leather suit In the Sea
SoakinJo: Latex Catsuit in the Sea
SoakinJo: In the Sea in Black
SoakinJo: Wet Black Mini-Suit
SoakinJo: Showering in my suit
SoakinJo: Soaked in Vaillancourt Fountain
SoakinJo: Wet Crimson Dress in the Pool
SoakinJo: Soaking my Suit again
SoakinJo: The Fountain Looks very Inviting!
SoakinJo: Wet Leather in the Fountain
SoakinJo: My Boots aren't Waterproof!
SoakinJo: Soaked in Purple
SoakinJo: Soaked and Shiny
SoakinJo: Another Tempting Fountain
SoakinJo: The Conquest of the Trocadero Fountains
SoakinJo: Even Wetter under the Fountain
SoakinJo: Can I Dive in?
SoakinJo: It's quite wet up here.
SoakinJo: Shiny Catsuit on the Tube
SoakinJo: Waiting for the Tube
SoakinJo: Wet Latex in the Rain
SoakinJo: Blue Dress in the Sea
SoakinJo: Black Dress in the Sea
SoakinJo: Crimson Dress in the Sea
SoakinJo: Shiny Dress in the Sea