strobe_n: Starry Starry Night
strobe_n: Happy New Year
Kevin Rheese: Mobile Home
Paul Rains: Up! Up! and Away!
Borisbadanoff: Afternoon Lilly
leontine42: Abisko
Walter Jeffords: Great Egret Couple
Walter Jeffords: 3 really Great Egrets
Walter Jeffords: Beautiful White Ibis
Walter Jeffords: Dusk Skyline Miami
RubyT (I come here for cameraderie): in the early morning quiet
Chuck Gerber: Another busy day for little spotter plane....
Chuck Gerber: Oh Kids, PLEASE just SHUT UP !!!!
Chuck Gerber: One bad ass hummer...Rufous terrorizes the courtyard
ronniegoyette: Black and White Line Dance
ronniegoyette: Sleeping Ballerina
ronniegoyette: The Look of Love
ronniegoyette: Angel of Death
ronniegoyette: Surfin'
ronniegoyette: Sweet Springs-King Tide Great Egret
Alessandro Ak: Winter silence