yipsinclair: hope the rabbit get enough food ....
yipsinclair: _X1T2258
yipsinclair: IMG_1729
yipsinclair: IMG_1732
yipsinclair: XT2A0074
yipsinclair: XT2A0078
yipsinclair: XT2A0082
yipsinclair: XT2A0109
yipsinclair: XT2A0124
yipsinclair: XT2A0133
yipsinclair: XT2A0146
yipsinclair: XT2A0188
yipsinclair: XT2A0278
yipsinclair: XT2A0296
yipsinclair: XT2A0359
yipsinclair: XT2A0361
yipsinclair: XT2A0368
yipsinclair: XT2A0370
yipsinclair: _X1T2176
yipsinclair: i remember not like this @ 2007/8 ....
yipsinclair: not draw by him .... he just smoke there ...
yipsinclair: the 1st time i walked out my 5 days apartment in Paris.
yipsinclair: IMG_1712
yipsinclair: XT2A0051
yipsinclair: metal scaffolding
yipsinclair: XT2A0164
yipsinclair: special pose
yipsinclair: 3 pigeons
yipsinclair: XT2A0241
yipsinclair: XT2A0243