yipsinclair: dancing in wanchai mtr
yipsinclair: 20120807-5D3_0609
yipsinclair: in a photo test , most of the human are playing mobile
yipsinclair: faster faster faster ...
yipsinclair: hello !
yipsinclair: so crowd
yipsinclair: 5D3_0883
yipsinclair: 5D3_0877
yipsinclair: 5D3_0851
yipsinclair: 5D3_0801
yipsinclair: kill Gems by sunshine
yipsinclair: flying carpet
yipsinclair: 5D3_0788
yipsinclair: 5D3_0783
yipsinclair: 5D3_0748
yipsinclair: 5D3_0750
yipsinclair: 5D3_0762
yipsinclair: 5D3_0763
yipsinclair: 5D3_0765
yipsinclair: 5D3_0767
yipsinclair: 5D3_0768
yipsinclair: morning exercise
yipsinclair: 5D3_0808
yipsinclair: 5D3_0863
yipsinclair: Chinese Kung FU
yipsinclair: 5D3_0873
yipsinclair: foot exercise
yipsinclair: sharing the ice tube
yipsinclair: 5D3_0886