Fotomaniak 53: échouée
Fotomaniak 53: Menuisier de Père en fils
Fotomaniak 53: il est 18 heures : il faut rentrer....
Jonnie Lynn Lace: Villa Crollata
Jonnie Lynn Lace: Villa Piccione
ObsidianUrbex: Mold Boetiek Shop, Belgium
bugsuperstar: Won't you believe it? It's just my luck. No recess!!
bugsuperstar: Has the world gone mad or is it me? All these small things they gather round me.
ObsidianUrbex: Ballsaal Lego / Ballhaus Caro, Germany
The_Hanburger: The Surgery
The View From The North: Merger at Glasson Dock
bugsuperstar: While the faithful dispose of a generation. And all of the mountains rumble knowingly.
bugsuperstar: I want to go all the way to the horizon.
wolfism: mill-7620-1200
La Makineta del Temps: Farinera intacta
ah-me: Ali
v2osk.: Glencoe Scotland 09/2020
Geert Orange_Crush VP: Etat d'Urgence
JOP-76: Hotel Belvedere
franconiangirl: Concrete Monster