sandromars: Città di Castello : Palazzo Vitelli alla Cannoniera (Pinacoteca ) -In the 500 th anniversary of Raphael's death we remember him with these two banner contained in the art gallery ,2 ofRaphyael's first works after his separation from Perugino .
sandromars: Montecorona : The farmhouse of a farmer from the Badia ,with the white tobacco ( Bright ) field in front of the house .
sandromars: Montecorona: Crypt of the Basilica of the Abbey. Very coveted for weddings. It is a real charm when it is dressed for the occasion.
sandromars: Montecorona : Coltivazioni di mais e in fondo la Badia di Montecorona con la sua chiesa . La Badia è la tenuta Agricola più importante dell'Umbria .
sandromars: Umbertide : The facade of the fortress ,symbol of the power of Perugia in the upper Tiber valley .
sandromars: Umbertide : Part of the walls of the village , 10 th century .
sandromars: Umbertide : The Reggia stream, the roses and the bell tower of San Giovanni.
sandromars: Umbertide : Il Borgo Inferiore – con le tre chiese e la piazza .
sandromars: Umbertide : La Piaggiola
sandromars: Umbertide :The central square with the town hall (Enlarge )
sandromars: Umbertibe : L'entrata della Rocca e della Galleria di Arte Moderna .
sandromars: Umbertide : walkway along the Reggia Stream ,the access bridge to the historic center and the fortress .( Enlarge )
sandromars: Umbertide : walkway along the Reggia stream and the villas on the riverside .
sandromars: Castellarano : The Castle of the fortified center .
sandromars: Abbey of S.Galgano : Ruins
sandromars: Pienza : The south side of the Cathedral with the city walls .
sandromars: Near Fort La Latte :Typical Breton Villa
sandromars: Dinan ( Brittany ) : City Center
sandromars: Sassuolo: The castle of Montegibbio under the sun (9th the century )
sandromars: Paestum : Basilica ( Heraion )
sandromars: Paestum :Temple of Poseidon and Basilica (Heraion ) seen from the via Sacra ( To enlarge )
sandromars: Archaeological Park Museum of Paestum : Lucanian box tomb ,double sloping roof ,with decorated interior walls . Usually chariots and chariots .The deceased is almost always a warrior . (IV-VI century BC )
sandromars: Archaeological Park Museum of Paestum : Lucanian Box Tomb - Weeping women -VI Century BC
sandromars: Archaeological Park Museum of Paestum : Metopes carved by Thesauros of the temple of Hera - The punishment of Sisiphus
sandromars: Paestum : The Basilica - Heraion ( VI century BC )(Enlarge )
sandromars: Paestum : Interior of the Temple of Poseidon or Neptune seen from the west .
sandromars: Paestum: Temple of Poseidon or Neptune (5th century BC)
sandromars: Paestum : The Gymnasium
sandromars: Paestum :View of the archaeological area
sandromars: Paestum :View of the temple of Ceres - But actually the temple of Athena built on the Highest point of the Polis ,in a very flat ground ( VI th century BC )