:) Solange: American Bullfrog
:) Solange: >>> You will surely catch the Big One <<<
:) Solange: Have You Lost Your Mind
:) Solange: Dandelion and Driftwood
:) Solange: Wildflower with Heart Shaped Petals
:) Solange: Pattern In Nature
:) Solange: Come Sail Away With Me
:) Solange: The Dangers of Credit Card Debt
:) Solange: EnTaNgLeD
:) Solange: Purple Flowering Raspberry Wildflower
:) Solange: Happy Canada Day! --- Bonne Fête du Canada!
:) Solange: 1962 Volkswagen Classical Bus Model Toy
:) Solange: Rusty Beauty
:) Solange: A Taste of Summer
:) Solange: Flowering Crabapple Trees at the Ornamental Gardens ( Photo to Painting )
:) Solange: Blue Curve
:) Solange: Canada 150 Tulip
:) Solange: Lilac Flowers
:) Solange: A reflection of flowers in a mirror
:) Solange: Good Old Tunes
:) Solange: Large Tree at Fletcher Wildlife Garden
:) Solange: Spring Bloom
:) Solange: Flowering Crabapple Trees by Prince of Wales Drive in Ottawa, Ontario
:) Solange: Everything Has Beauty
:) Solange: “One withers, another grows.” – Mitch Albom
:) Solange: Daffodil Flower
:) Solange: Foxtrot Tulips Flowering in Spring
:) Solange: Stop and Smell … Tulip Angelique
:) Solange: Tulip Danceline
:) Solange: Believe in Tomorrow