JG - Instants of light: "Light the way to lost faith"
Carlos F. Turienzo: Vermillion Dawn
Decentra: little nightmares VIII.
Decentra: armageddon.
Decentra: summer of '84.
Decentra: sonata.
Decentra: last resort.
Decentra: second aid.
Decentra: what we do in the shadows.
Sus Blanco: They're here
Knee Bee: toute la seule façade
Marsel van Oosten: Lechwes in the mist
www.nicolabertellotti.com: L'Accademia dei Filomati
JG - Instants of light: The old man and the hat
der_peste (on/off): Don´t be afraid baby, it´s just a few trees.
Miss Froggi Photography: cold day & warm heart
ArztG.|Photo: Silence n Snow IV
DanielKHC: The Pearl of the Orient
Sean M Richardson: The Vulture House
Decentra: little nightmares VI.