rubyblossom.: Windmill at Rye
rubyblossom.: Rye train
rubyblossom.: The top of Mermaid Street, Rye.E.Sussex
rubyblossom.: Mermaid Inn
rubyblossom.: St Marys church now 905 years old
rubyblossom.: House with two front doors
rubyblossom.: Oldest Tea room in Rye,E.Sussex opened in 1920
rubyblossom.: Tea shop in the lane
rubyblossom.: Anchor at Rye Harbour
rubyblossom.: nooks and cranny's in Rye
rubyblossom.: Stock
rubyblossom.: Ypres Tower. built in 1249, Rye England
rubyblossom.: Stock~Cat
rubyblossom.: Rye Churchyard
rubyblossom.: Rye Harbour
rubyblossom.: Nesting in the church
rubyblossom.: Seeing Double
rubyblossom.: Church visitor
rubyblossom.: Wind Farm
rubyblossom.: Over looking Romney Marsh
rubyblossom.: Ipres Tower , Rye . East Sussex
rubyblossom.: Rye East Sussex
rubyblossom.: Stock~Seagull
rubyblossom.: Ypres Tower Door Stock
rubyblossom.: Cannon Stock
rubyblossom.: Alleyway Stock
rubyblossom.: Ypres Tower Stock
rubyblossom.: Wall Stock