rubyblossom.: Tiny door
rubyblossom.: Church Clock
rubyblossom.: Overgrown
rubyblossom.: Behind the church
rubyblossom.: St Marys church, Ashford Kent.
rubyblossom.: The Crypt
rubyblossom.: "Veronica's handkerchief"
rubyblossom.: ...and another
rubyblossom.: St Marys church tower
rubyblossom.: Church porch stock
rubyblossom.: Tomb stock
rubyblossom.: Ebony Church
rubyblossom.: St Mildreds
rubyblossom.: St Mildreds side view
rubyblossom.: oldest tree in the churchyard
rubyblossom.: Church Organ
rubyblossom.: Church door Stock
rubyblossom.: Nesting in the church
rubyblossom.: Rye Churchyard
rubyblossom.: High Halden Church, Kent. Stock
rubyblossom.: Lynch Gate
rubyblossom.: long forgotton
rubyblossom.: Autumn in St Mildreds Churchyard
rubyblossom.: St Mildreds Church
rubyblossom.: St Mildreds churchyard
rubyblossom.: Holly Berries in the churchyard
rubyblossom.: Pathway to the vicarage
rubyblossom.: Stained Glass Window Stock
rubyblossom.: St Mildreds
rubyblossom.: St Mildreds Church