ddemarco5: 49/52 Weeks - Artistic Blur
melbaczuk: 46/52 Refraction
Fiona Dawkins: Week 48: Leading Lines In Architecture - Blue Roads To The Sky
OzzRod: Two witches confront the night
Lyndon (NZ): 47 of 52 Weeks HDR
EirenaRothwell: week 46 : REFRACTION
Fiona Dawkins: Week 46: Refraction - Drop In
Jaicoa: Moon-Eclipse-111921-EMr
Wizard CG: Somewhere the skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true
isabelle.puaut: Week 46/52: refraction
rmrayner: Refraction 46/52
singinghedgehog: Refraction
Franck Zumella: a Heron in flight over a lake
Timothy Valentine: refraction
ch3571: Week 46/52 Refraction
ch3571: Week45/52 Light Painting
ddemarco5: 46/52 Weeks - Refraction
Timothy Valentine: light painting - painted light
Clint__Budd: Bracken Leaf - E X P L O R E D
rph10uk: White on white 44/52
Clint__Budd: My Beloved's Coffee
munn1: 45
Vincent Wildlife: Misty Roadscape
Clint__Budd: Many Cakes
rmrayner: A White Bulb (outtake)
simple.joy: O, NO!
Clint__Budd: Gladioli
Clint__Budd: Sea Anemone and friends
EirenaRothwell: week 43 : FOREST