Robert.Cutter: 47580 Seen at Swanage on 7 May 2010.
Robert.Cutter: 55019 Seen here departing Norden on 14 May 2013
Robert.Cutter: 50026 at Swanage on the 11 May 2011
Robert.Cutter: 55009 waits to depart with a afternoon service to Norden on 7th May 2011
Robert.Cutter: 37057 Ex works at Swanage on 9th May 2015
Robert.Cutter: 24081 Awaits to depart Corfe Castle on the 10th May 2014
Robert.Cutter: D182 Seen here on the approch to Corfe Castle at the Swanage Gala on the 7 May 2016
Robert.Cutter: 332001 stands at London Paddington but for how much longer with a departure to LHR
Robert.Cutter: 800306 Seen at Cardiff Central with Harold Day leading on 19 February 2020 with a Swansea to London Paddington service.
Robert.Cutter: 50007 Seen here ready to depart Corfe Castle at the May 2019 Swanage Gala after a recent return to mainline running and a complete overhaul.
Robert.Cutter: 66613 Seen at Reading on 6B91 Hayes Tarmac to East Usk Yard Newport on 08.02.20
Robert.Cutter: 66765 Arrives at Reading with 6V32 10.07 Tilbury I.R.F.T to Trostre Works Sdgs on 08.02.20
Robert.Cutter: 800308 Seen here at Reading with a additional splash of colour for a limited time only on 08.02.20
Robert.Cutter: 50007 / 014 Passes Reading with a set of coaches bound for Laira TMD on 22.01.20.
Robert.Cutter: 50014 / 007 seen here at the Swanage Gala in 2019 recently repainted for GBRF approaches Corfe Castle .
Robert.Cutter: 66848 / 70810 / 70816 Seen here stabled on Eastleigh Station Sdgs on a grim dull January morning.
Robert.Cutter: 59003 Entering Easteigh works on the 16.01.20
Robert.Cutter: 66520 runs past Eastleigh on a very dim morning on the 16.01.20
Robert.Cutter: 322008 - 012 at London Paddington
Robert.Cutter: 66503 at Reading on 02.01.20
Robert.Cutter: 345057 stands at Reading bound on a local service to Paddington on the 02.01.20
Robert.Cutter: RRC_1427 66777 passes Basinstoke on 02.01.20
Robert.Cutter: 802003 at London Paddington waiting to work the 15:06 to Plymouth on 10.11.19
Robert.Cutter: 47460 Stands at Edinburgh Waverly with the south bound sleepers waiting to depart.
Robert.Cutter: 60024 seen here passing Cardiff Central with the Westerleigh OT to Robeston tanks
Robert.Cutter: 59005 Passes Reading on a train bound for Westbury
Robert.Cutter: 800008 stands at Swindon on the rear of a Bristol Temple Meads to Paddington service.