reallyboring: Just a reminder of what galvanized neighborhood opposition to JPAC leadership: they advocated and cheered for the installation of these friendly locking security gates on Wooded Island, which were originally slated to be closed sundown to sunup. They seem
reallyboring: After 30 minutes and three no-show buses at State & Balbo, I limped over to Michigan Ave. A bus came shortly thereafter. WHY IS THE 6 DOING AN UNANNOUNCED REROUTE? It will be a much colder day in hell before I rely on a CTA bus again.
reallyboring: X-rays reveal no damage to my bones, so it's probably just a torn meniscus. I need to minimize walking, rest and ice it. So I end the day exactly how it started, standing out in the cold while bus after bus disappears from bus tracker.
reallyboring: Markham Courthouse Cook County Circuit Court
reallyboring: Catching the Red Line at 95th to go downtown, eat, regroup, and then probably go to urgent care to have my knee looked at. I've been in transit continuously since I left home at 6:50am, excluding the 10 minutes I was in the courthouse.
reallyboring: I had to wade through foot deep snow on my gimp knee to get to it, but at least there was a sheltered bus stop to wait 20 minutes for the next northbound 359, which I am now on.
reallyboring: Two pictures taken 10 minutes apart, the first upon my arrival at the Markham courthouse at 9:31 a.m., the second upon my departure 10 minutes later, having been dismissed immediately because the jury room was already full. I am going to become the joker.
reallyboring: Welcome to beautiful Blue Island, the transit capital of the South suburbs!
reallyboring: West Pullman
reallyboring: I sincerely hope I never see the Pullman National Monument this early in the morning, with this much snow falling on it, ever again.
reallyboring: This is my "fuck this shit" face, not that anyone can tell. 15 minutes waiting for a ghost CTA bus. One very painful lesson about how ebikes work in snow. Jury duty journey off to a great start!
reallyboring: White out conditions on the south lakefront this morning
reallyboring: Cornbread
reallyboring: Obama Presidential Center construction in Jackson Park, January 2022
reallyboring: Awesome possum
reallyboring: A cold walk in the park
reallyboring: No federal plaza is complete without a pop of color.
reallyboring: 15⁰
reallyboring: Back door!
reallyboring: The Bergh is off
reallyboring: Powell Street, San Francisco, 2011
reallyboring: It is never too cold to look at buildings from a boat, apparently.
reallyboring: BMO Tower (Goettsch, 2022)
reallyboring: If someone could explain to me where I was supposed to be biking on this stretch of Canal Street, that would be great. I could not figure it out.
reallyboring: Frozen waterfall
reallyboring: More Fulton Market scenes
reallyboring: Adjacency
reallyboring: Sad to see Chicago's oldest standing elevated station building, on Garfield Boulevard, boarded up so soon after it was restored.
reallyboring: Conservatory - Central Park Drive
reallyboring: Sugar from the Sun