brookis-photography: Frosty November Morning
brookis-photography: First Class Mail
brookis-photography: Whatchamacallit
brookis-photography: Nieppe 59 France
brookis-photography: Lofty Perch
brookis-photography: Dead and buried
brookis-photography: Giant Yield
brookis-photography: Woolworth Employee
brookis-photography: Shadow on the Wall
brookis-photography: My Crystal Ball
brookis-photography: Golden Acorns
brookis-photography: The black sheep
brookis-photography: All leaves on deck
brookis-photography: Not perfect by any means but SOOC
brookis-photography: Fairfield Church Inside
brookis-photography: Woolly Matters
brookis-photography: Do you know what it is?
brookis-photography: Little Crocodile
brookis-photography: Treasure found
brookis-photography: Clouds over Fairfield
brookis-photography: Little Hands
brookis-photography: Not for tourists
brookis-photography: Flowers & Garden