philipgreene: East River
philipgreene: Fuji bleached negative
philipgreene: 7.23.20
philipgreene: 93º Black Eyed Susans
philipgreene: sunset 7.17.20
philipgreene: France 1991 or 1992
philipgreene: 1980's Boston
philipgreene: darkroom mishap with x-ray film contact print
philipgreene: i like the long days 7.2.20
philipgreene: some more rumbling down the road
philipgreene: rumbling in the distance
philipgreene: the old tavern
philipgreene: 6.23.20
philipgreene: 6.22.20
philipgreene: Rose Campion
philipgreene: into the woods at the end of the day
philipgreene: 6.18.20
philipgreene: East River Preserve.
philipgreene: haying time a few years back
philipgreene: Dublin, Ireland 1988
philipgreene: shapes and color
philipgreene: Peonies 6.10.20
philipgreene: abstract from Polaroids 6.10.20
philipgreene: remnant of the ice age 6.9.20
philipgreene: darkness and light late in the day 6.8.20
philipgreene: field of flowers 6.3.20
philipgreene: morning sunlight
philipgreene: 5.26.20
philipgreene: ...and vitamin D 5.24.20