philipgreene: chaffinch island disintegration
philipgreene: East River Preserve
philipgreene: Sarah Schmidt
philipgreene: Riley 2017
philipgreene: East River Preserve
philipgreene: winter in
philipgreene: Mulberry Point
philipgreene: lost lake
philipgreene: sink on 3rd floor
philipgreene: somewhere to wait
philipgreene: trees waving
philipgreene: dry cleaners abode
philipgreene: Kelsey Place
philipgreene: a little stroll to the marsh and river
philipgreene: spare room
philipgreene: el salvador 1987
philipgreene: white tree trunk
philipgreene: little points of light
philipgreene: spectra burst
philipgreene: white fern
philipgreene: ten thirty
philipgreene: big tree and tennis court
philipgreene: Polaroid of a Polaroid of a video
philipgreene: guest room