Phil*ippe: Christmas decoration in the sun.
Phil*ippe: A light in the darkness
Phil*ippe: Misty atmosphere.
Phil*ippe: Heavy traffic.
Phil*ippe: The cloud carriers
Phil*ippe: Chaos of light.
Phil*ippe: What's the time ?
Phil*ippe: 12004 Locomotive
Phil*ippe: Autumn tree lane
Phil*ippe: Old tram.
Phil*ippe: Mushrooms 2021
Phil*ippe: Sunrise in Jubilee park , Brussels
Phil*ippe: Saint Catherine's Church Brussels
Phil*ippe: "Koudenberg" Brussels
Phil*ippe: What a shame he chained me
Phil*ippe: Brussels by night
Phil*ippe: With full power
Phil*ippe: The Atomium through a lens ball
Phil*ippe: Morning dew
Phil*ippe: Spider web in the grass
Phil*ippe: Man (and dog) in black
Phil*ippe: Little Red Riding Hood
Phil*ippe: Took this on my belly :)
Phil*ippe: Singing with passion
Phil*ippe: Cloudy landscape with horses
Phil*ippe: Sun in trees
Phil*ippe: Theatre & Cathedral of Ghent
Phil*ippe: Heron in black & white
Phil*ippe: I wanted to take a selfie.......