PeterThoeny: Ready for the feast
PeterThoeny: Flower in the sun
PeterThoeny: Why do I get the feeling of driving over a giant loaf of bread?
PeterThoeny: Sorry, we are closed
PeterThoeny: On the way to the Max Max camp
PeterThoeny: Playing a rock tune
PeterThoeny: Endless cycle of time
PeterThoeny: An ever changing ephemeral world
PeterThoeny: As I rise above the clouds I look down, hear the sound
PeterThoeny: Using GPS coordinates to locate Mad Max in the desert
PeterThoeny: Six feet under
PeterThoeny: Dry and cracked
PeterThoeny: A journey to the medieval past
PeterThoeny: Time to relax and socialize
PeterThoeny: Sgt. Pepper's lonely gathering
PeterThoeny: Fly Geyser with steaming hot water from deep underground
PeterThoeny: Mad Max is visiting the rocket camp in the desert
PeterThoeny: Fly Geyser in the early morning sun
PeterThoeny: Fly Geyser nature wonder at sunrise
PeterThoeny: Transcendence
PeterThoeny: Ready for a badass rocket launch
PeterThoeny: A camp floating in the desert [Explore 2021-10-06 #48]
PeterThoeny: Empty throne waiting in the desert
PeterThoeny: Driving on the playa towards the Mad Max camp
PeterThoeny: Aliens on the playa
PeterThoeny: Failure is an option
PeterThoeny: Meet Will Roger, Burning Man founder and photographer
PeterThoeny: May the Force be with us
PeterThoeny: Zooming along on the playa towards the Black Rock
PeterThoeny: On the desert playa with a dreamy gaze at the night sky