Gandalf's Gallery: Jāzeps Grosvalds - In the Outskirts of Paris [1914]
chrisfriel: 030314-20-2-12
Gandalf's Gallery: Kailin Zhao - Emotion of the Daughter [2008]
TGKW: Gardner Street
graham mcgivern: female nude
Tuane Eggers: Vi passar um sopro de poesia
Tina Sosna: Seven years in your arms
petrus.agricola: Auguste Renoir - The couple [1868]
Jorge Jam: Far from refuge.
gabrielmottaferreira: Portoroz / SL
gabrielmottaferreira: Bled Lake / SL
gabrielmottaferreira: Countryside / SL
Paper Planes from the Aerie: The Tinted World
Costas Lycavittos: OUTWIEW film Festival
Marcelo Montecino: Osorno, Chile , 1983 -