Penfoel: Inside 'Blue for You' Rose.
Penfoel: 'Absolutely Fabulous' Saturday.
Penfoel: 'Absolutely Fabulous'. Friday.
Penfoel: 'Ladybird' Poppy.
Penfoel: Parc Dynefwr, Llandeilo.
Penfoel: Buttercup.
Penfoel: Leaf on rock.
Penfoel: Leaf on gravel.
Penfoel: Knowing.
Penfoel: Socks. Every day life carries on!
Penfoel: Eglwys St Paulinus Ystrad Ffin.
Penfoel: Antique Pins.
Penfoel: Wasteland Wales.
Penfoel: Liquified Beads.
Penfoel: Inside of a Red Tulip. "Red is the ultimate cure for sadness" Bill Blass.
Penfoel: Inside a Tulip, given the 'Pop Art' treatment.
Penfoel: Reaching Out.
Penfoel: Pencils 3
Penfoel: Pencils 2
Penfoel: Pencils 1
Penfoel: Pebbles. (4)
Penfoel: A study of the colour orange, inside a Tulip. "Orange is the happiest colour" Frank Sinatra.
Penfoel: Pebbles. (1)
Penfoel: Pebbles. (2)
Penfoel: Pebbles. (3)
Penfoel: Wind in the wool.
Penfoel: Coloured beads - as they fell.
Penfoel: Four apples and seven painted pears.
Penfoel: Mask and Gloves. A theme for our times.
Penfoel: Surgical Gloves. A theme for our times.