pennny41: Lone yacht with the mist rolling in from the horizon
pennny41: Velvet Antlers
pennny41: Common Tern
pennny41: Silver Y
pennny41: Silver Y
pennny41: Common Sandpiper on the river
pennny41: Ella
pennny41: Red Damselfly
pennny41: Fulmar
pennny41: Common Sandpipers
pennny41: Stonechat (m)
pennny41: Heron
pennny41: Good Morning
pennny41: Northern Wheatear
pennny41: Belle enjoying the sun
pennny41: Starlings on a misty morning
pennny41: Willow Warbler
pennny41: Greenfinch
pennny41: Meadow Pipit
pennny41: Krssock Bridge
pennny41: Northern Wheatear (f)
pennny41: Linnet (f)
pennny41: And this is Flo today!
pennny41: Sedge Warbler
pennny41: Mute Swan
pennny41: Great Northern Diver
pennny41: Zwartbles
pennny41: Willow Warbler
pennny41: Osprey