paylos2: The-pool-III
paylos2: Morning-in-the-forest
paylos2: The-pool
paylos2: Beside-the-lake-with-fog
paylos2: Preveza-red-clay
paylos2: View-of-the-Ionian-Sea
paylos2: Walk in the rain
paylos2: Wave
paylos2: View of the Ionian Sea
paylos2: Reflections in the fog
paylos2: The day goes away, the lights come on
paylos2: Waiting-for-the-musician
paylos2: Boat-bow
paylos2: Reading-by-the-sea-II
paylos2: Fishing
paylos2: The old man with the walking stick
paylos2: From above
paylos2: Carpet salesman
paylos2: Red-flowers-on-a-yellow-plate
paylos2: Daybreak
paylos2: Water-lilies-in-the-lake-VI
paylos2: Water-lily--III
paylos2: Waiting
paylos2: Alone
paylos2: Shadows-on-the-wall-III
paylos2: Pot of flowers on the wall
paylos2: Street musician with his dog
paylos2: Cormorants on the lake
paylos2: Street musician
paylos2: Three tomatoes and a cut lemon on the yellow plate