paco.weaving: He was looking for her. She was waiting for him.
paco.weaving: SEPERATE TABLES AS ONE 02
paco.weaving: September Sunset
paco.weaving: SEPIA 9
paco.weaving: Digital Pointillism
paco.weaving: DIGITAL CUBISM 505
paco.weaving: OverPopulationWarning
paco.weaving: Noon Shadow Café
paco.weaving: Outside Interior
paco.weaving: The Awakening
paco.weaving: 9x9hp=81hp
paco.weaving: 4 LADIES x
paco.weaving: View from my hotel room...
paco.weaving: the soft glow of Spring
paco.weaving: The Relativity of Vision
paco.weaving: NOVEMBER SUNSET
paco.weaving: FIRST SKY OF AUTUMN
paco.weaving: Camera Ready
paco.weaving: sepia café
paco.weaving: Beauty with Age
paco.weaving: Back- to Back Multi- Colored Cane Back Chairs Café
paco.weaving: Last Day of November
paco.weaving: Sway Jazz Gently
paco.weaving: Woodwinds Ensemble
paco.weaving: Variations on a Theme/02
paco.weaving: Wobble Wobble
paco.weaving: Books and Bottles
paco.weaving: October Pastel