paaddor: In Front of the Hum Restaurant in Thao Dien, Vietnam
paaddor: Contrasting Architecture in Vietnam
paaddor: House Agama in Sri Lanka
paaddor: Ravana Waterfall in Sri Lanka
paaddor: Rajasthan Women
paaddor: Tuktuk Roofs in India
paaddor: A waiting Place for green-yellow Tuktuks in Delhi
paaddor: Camel Ride between Reinforcing Irons in the Desert of Thar/India
paaddor: Camel Shadows in India
paaddor: The Jama Masjid in Delhi
paaddor: No Mask no Entry in India
paaddor: The Lazy Dog in the Blue City
paaddor: Photoshooting or Rhapsody in Red
paaddor: Guards soldiers with cannon in front of the palace in Jaipur/India
paaddor: Windows in Mandawa
paaddor: Cleaning Staff in the City Palace
paaddor: A Window in Jodhpur
paaddor: Indian Windows
paaddor: Windows in Delhi
paaddor: Beach in Sri Lanka in the Light of the Setting Sun from a Bird's Eye View
paaddor: Sri Lankan Boats in the Sunrise
paaddor: Shadow in the Sunrise on a Sri Lankan Beach
paaddor: Sunrise on a Beach in Sri Lanka
paaddor: Fishing Boat on a Sri Lankan Beach in the Sunrise
paaddor: Morning Sun in the Sri Lankan Jungle
paaddor: Sunrise over the Mawella Beach in Sri Lanka
paaddor: Cloudy Sunset in Sri Lanka
paaddor: ICM Sunrise on Xmas in Sri Lanka
paaddor: House Facade with Cat
paaddor: Tea Plantation with Picker in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon)