aghostchant: Heaven Knows I'm Tired
aghostchant: With A Pose Like That, One Would Think You'd Tire
aghostchant: All This Time I Spend On You
aghostchant: There's A Halo Of Hurt Around My Head
aghostchant: I Don't Belong Here Was All That I Said
aghostchant: Something's Been Aching For Most Of My Life
aghostchant: Tell Me, What Did You Expect When You Harbor It All In Your Chest?
aghostchant: We Watch As It Falls Quietly
aghostchant: An Emptiness You Cannot Dismiss
aghostchant: Cold To The Core, I Am Nothing You Need
aghostchant: It Might Be A Lifetime
aghostchant: I Am More Of A Burden Than You'd Like To Believe
aghostchant: If I Was A Guest In Your Life, I Would Likely Understand
aghostchant: What A Strangely Different Story This Became
aghostchant: I Can't Speak To Half The Planet, I Can't Even Say My Name
aghostchant: We Passed Right By And I Didn't Even Know
aghostchant: There's No Antechamber
aghostchant: If I Was Wrong I'd Rather It'd Have Been A Dream
aghostchant: You're The Most Pure Thing I Know
aghostchant: Let Me Know That You Are With Me
aghostchant: What I Really Wanted To Say Is That I Love You For The Way You Leaned Into The Changes In Your Life
aghostchant: They're Waiting For You On The Other Side Of The Earth
aghostchant: A Framed And Faded Memory Of What You'd Hoped I'd Be
aghostchant: Why Did You Come For Me?
aghostchant: When The Three Million Cells Will Pass Away In A Second's Time
aghostchant: You're The Most Pure Thing I Know
aghostchant: My Dream Camera Body (X-Pro3 w/ XF35mm f1.4)
aghostchant: I Think I'm Cutting Loose
aghostchant: So Much For All Of These Other Things, One Day I Will Be Free Of Them
aghostchant: I'm Not Afraid Of The Mirror Anymore