aghostchant: It Seems Things Are Going My Way But The Picture's Weak
aghostchant: You Slip Sometimes, Absent Minded
aghostchant: Everything's A Copy That I'm Copying
aghostchant: Cause If I Come Home, You Won't Be Waiting There For Me
aghostchant: I Traded Every Mountaintop And City Scene To Have Someone By My Side When I Feel In Between
aghostchant: So I'll Burn Out Myself Out Like Your Ashtray
aghostchant: All The Good Let In That I Take For Granted
aghostchant: Being Human Feels Criminal
aghostchant: I Try And Run But Can't Catch You
aghostchant: But If It's Everything I'll Ever Need, It's Everything I'll Ever Need
aghostchant: I'll Be The First To Say This Is Crazy
aghostchant: Let Go, There's No Problem Here
aghostchant: They Just Want To See Me For Who I Am, For Who I'm Gonna Be
aghostchant: I Understand Now That This Is My Moment
aghostchant: Bring Me Back To Life Now, Bring Me Back To Peace
aghostchant: You Could've Been Right Here, Right Now (Pt. 11)
aghostchant: You Know It's Really Hard To Do, To Think Of Anyone But You
aghostchant: Your Soul Lives In My Own
aghostchant: And All I Ever Wanted To Feel Was Redemption
aghostchant: I'm Leaving, I'm Gone
aghostchant: I'm Going Crazy, And It's Bringing Me Down
aghostchant: Take It In All Again, Into The Ocean And Swim
aghostchant: The Weight Of Expectation Is Loud
aghostchant: I'm Equal Parts The Things I've Seen And Everything I'll See
aghostchant: I'm Afraid They'll Swallow Me If I Don't Find The Words
aghostchant: I'm The One, I Wonder, Can You Hear?
aghostchant: Now I'm Swaying Like The Chandelier Inside
aghostchant: I'm Moving Along To The Rhythm Of My Dream
aghostchant: Maybe If I Say It Loud Enough, It Will Echo On Forever
aghostchant: I'm Here But I'm Not, I'm Far Away