Shutter-Stone: Up (t)here
Shutter-Stone: Lady from the Sea
Shutter-Stone: Coast art
Shutter-Stone: Coast art
Shutter-Stone: The bridge
Shutter-Stone: The river
Shutter-Stone: Sunny steps
Shutter-Stone: Island in the snow
Shutter-Stone: Ready for spring
Shutter-Stone: Street photo
Shutter-Stone: Soon forgotten
Shutter-Stone: Matching in style and color
Shutter-Stone: A glimpse of sun
Shutter-Stone: Shitty weather II
Shutter-Stone: Shitty weather
Shutter-Stone: Cloudy water
Shutter-Stone: An evening in the park
Shutter-Stone: Level 6
Shutter-Stone: Rural Norway
Shutter-Stone: Christmas Eve 10:14am on 62. latitude
Shutter-Stone: SK 1330 - take-off painted with fog and speed
Shutter-Stone: Lighthouse Molja II
Shutter-Stone: Lighthouse Molja
Shutter-Stone: MAAT, Lisbon
Shutter-Stone: Reflection
Shutter-Stone: Football match - as a minimalist sees it
Shutter-Stone: Rusty stuff
Shutter-Stone: The tree and the tourist
Shutter-Stone: Late night in Lisbon
Shutter-Stone: Mt Snohetta, seen from E6