Ian@NZFlickr: Just follow me ...........
Ian@NZFlickr: Death alley
Ian@NZFlickr: Alley way
Ian@NZFlickr: Listening to stories
Ian@NZFlickr: Passer by
Ian@NZFlickr: The "Nurse"
Ian@NZFlickr: Outside the lawyer's office
Ian@NZFlickr: The office
Ian@NZFlickr: Explosion
Ian@NZFlickr: A hand delivery :-)
Ian@NZFlickr: Flapping cape
Ian@NZFlickr: Deserted alley
Ian@NZFlickr: Ghostly alleyway
Ian@NZFlickr: More stories
Ian@NZFlickr: Old Dunedin
Ian@NZFlickr: Sheltering under the pine tree
Ian@NZFlickr: Car park First Church
Ian@NZFlickr: Overlooking the War Memorial
Ian@NZFlickr: Farside of First
Ian@NZFlickr: First Church in Otago
Ian@NZFlickr: Ancient alley
Ian@NZFlickr: Barred window
Ian@NZFlickr: Another spooky story
Ian@NZFlickr: Looking up
Ian@NZFlickr: Tagged site
Ian@NZFlickr: The tale weaver
Ian@NZFlickr: Like the pied piper
Ian@NZFlickr: Crossing the Princess
Ian@NZFlickr: Up into the darkness