Ken Krach Photography: Smoothed Evening in the Snow
Crest Pictures: Spring Thaw
Aspenbreeze: WHEN YOU WERE BORN ...
lunaryuna: Isn't it good Norwegian Wood
lunaryuna: an architectural celebration of Northern Lights
stenella55: Farb-und Lichttherapie
garshna: Stuck Truck
Ken Krach Photography: Light in West Virginia
Ken Krach Photography: A Branch & A Bird
Ken Krach Photography: Pretty Morning in York, Maine
Jens Haggren: Seascape
Coram Deo "Living Before The Face of God": My flesh and my heart may fail; but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever - Paslm 72:36
Cem Bayir: h i b e r n a t i o n.
Open your eyes<::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: November day<::::::::::::::
ellen-ow: Dicke Kugel
garshna: Still Water
@Maitri: Freshness
ant_moc: Mirror reflection.Old bridge.
jörg opfermann: Ein schöner Abendhimmel über Island.
lycheng99: Sea of Clouds, HuangShan
Raymó: [ … winter paradise ]
Sophie Carr Photography: Dawn Serenity, Coniston Water
George Kurzik: City Tree
John Ormerod: Patterns
WJMcIntosh: Astronomical Twilight At Pfeiffer Arch - Single Exposure
老莫之影 (Morris): Hehuan Mountain, Taiwan 合歡山