neilalderney123: Alderney Chook! What are you looking at!!!
neilalderney123: A duck in the River Itchen near Winchester.
neilalderney123: Damsel Flies
neilalderney123: Itchen River Swan
neilalderney123: 7 Legged Spider
neilalderney123: Long-tailed Tit
neilalderney123: Cold Coal Tit - Winchester
neilalderney123: Guard Tit!
neilalderney123: What, No Seeds Left!!!1!
neilalderney123: Old Man Monkey
neilalderney123: Monkey Yawn
neilalderney123: 3 wise Monkeys
neilalderney123: Monkey Sign
neilalderney123: Monkey_mum2
neilalderney123: Monkey_mum
neilalderney123: No Bull!
neilalderney123: What are you doing now?
neilalderney123: Busy Bee!
neilalderney123: An ant tends the Aphid flock
neilalderney123: Do I Knows You?
neilalderney123: A Highland Coo!
neilalderney123: An American Bald Eagle
neilalderney123: An American Bald Eagle
neilalderney123: A Vulture on the wing
neilalderney123: A Vulture coming in to land