nielsdevisscher: Watch over Me when Light has Faded
nielsdevisscher: Obsolete
nielsdevisscher: Resigned
nielsdevisscher: A Winter Warming
nielsdevisscher: Valle de Cocora I
nielsdevisscher: Howling Winds
nielsdevisscher: Sharp Edge
nielsdevisscher: New Life
nielsdevisscher: Venice View
nielsdevisscher: Tristesse
nielsdevisscher: San Lazzaro
nielsdevisscher: Poveglia
nielsdevisscher: Terra Mariq
nielsdevisscher: 'Lift it', Venezia 2016. I think this got to be my favorite spot in Venice. Whenever you go early in the morning, you'll find yourself alone on the Fondamenta Zattere, overlooking the beautiful isle of Giudecca. What's your favorite spot in Venice?
nielsdevisscher: View on San Marco
nielsdevisscher: Cannaregio
nielsdevisscher: Peering Towers
nielsdevisscher: Into the Void
nielsdevisscher: Classical Venice II
nielsdevisscher: Leap of faith
nielsdevisscher: Aftermath of War
nielsdevisscher: In the distance
nielsdevisscher: mont saint michel
nielsdevisscher: Gold beach
nielsdevisscher: Watching
nielsdevisscher: Zeelandbridge II