Rafael Zenon Wagner: Doppelt hält besser
Aaron Springer: River Bottom Blues
Turk Images: Brewer's Blackbird - Male
windshadow2: Westport Point
Farshad Sanaee The Apple: My Dashboard, Acrylic mix on board 62 x 122 cm Visible in the dark By Farshad Sanaee The Apple
charhedman: Ghost on the beach
sylvain.messier: Junco ardoisé | Sanctuaire George Montgomery | Saint-Armand, Québec
sjs61: The Jewel
ritchey.jj: Stellar Jay
erlingsi: Ned & blå -|- Down & blue
gregmcmillan: Low Hanging Crystals
gregmcmillan: Revisited
marianna armata: winter garden
Note-ables by Lynn: Subtle Shadings
Randy O'Hara: Winterscape.
marianna armata: large frost feathers
hazza3d: "INCOMING!"
margharrison1: 0457 Merged Invert Normal & Difference-0457-
Bert CR: For Charlotte (HSS)
Joe Branco: Northern Shrike
Petra van Impelen: nov 3rd 2021
Maxime Legare-Vezina: Great grey owl - Chouette lapone - Strix nebulosa
Maxime Legare-Vezina: Silver fox - Renard argenté - Vulpes vulpes
marianna armata: water drop refraction "Circus"
Aaron Springer: Slow Parade
Sia ♡: Glacial flowers...Explored 😊 12/14/22
Through Serena's Lens: Persimmon Still Life
NicoleW0000: Red Squirrel
SkyeWeasel: Wet Sounds