BlogKing: putting the effort out_DxO
BlogKing: Seraut by the river_DxO
BlogKing: red devil_DxO
BlogKing: light shape_DxO
BlogKing: fish mural_DxO
BlogKing: fish mural closeup_DxO
BlogKing: Open for take out beer
BlogKing: stay home
BlogKing: We're Still Feeding
BlogKing: Mask Up
BlogKing: cloudy haze from CA fires
BlogKing: escape to the roof
BlogKing: flower street mural
BlogKing: Grilled cheese sandwitch
BlogKing: The Eyes are Watching
BlogKing: Pigeon strutting the EL
BlogKing: old cemetery
BlogKing: Now Leasing
BlogKing: yet another sunflower
BlogKing: renovated building at Schuylkill Yards
BlogKing: Curly bracket ceiling divider_DxO
BlogKing: Buddha up close_DxO
BlogKing: Buddha looking over the cameras_DxO
BlogKing: Falls Bridge story
BlogKing: Falls Bridge exterior
BlogKing: Falls Bridge left
BlogKing: Falls Bridge right
BlogKing: Fishing rods by Kelly Drive
BlogKing: New camera gear