Catholic Church (England and Wales): Church in the time of Coronavirus
Odhphoto: ~ Trees are Earth's endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.~
Odhphoto: ~ Two weeks ago on a Spring day, they were studying ~
Odhphoto: ~~ Trees are Earth's endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.~ ~ Reaching to the sun ~
Odhphoto: ~~ Inside but outside ~~
deehajee.vee: ocean air blows in with snow
deehajee.vee: snowing again today
deehajee.vee: more light snow and fog
deehajee.vee: winterscene above millersprings sign
deehajee.vee: last light and deer
deehajee.vee: still foggy, heavy rains continue on coast
deehajee.vee: aasnowyshrub19x
deehajee.vee: Lots of fresh powder snow, and now bright sun!
deehajee.vee: West coast has seen weeks of rain and now a pile of snow,
deehajee.vee: Foggy nights, days..
deehajee.vee: Foggy night and snow starting to fall
deehajee.vee: 2020-01-29_03-18-46
deehajee.vee: Sun is trying hard, but NW wind keeps bringing clouds
deehajee.vee: Morning light pouring in, through frosty window
deehajee.vee: maplefallfoliage
deehajee.vee: nightmode works well is there is some moonlight, cloudy, tho
deehajee.vee: Cold front blasting in
deehajee.vee: Good morning, soon brighter, we hope
deehajee.vee: Cold morning in new house
deehajee.vee: Almost the end of freezing weather, this will soon be a memory only! Enjoy while you can, and have a natural, colorful weekend!
deehajee.vee: Nature is waking up, snow turns to water and ice on a clear cold night
deehajee.vee: The bright sun is a sign of things warming up soon!
deehajee.vee: Snowbank implodes
deehajee.vee: Happy equinox, nature is waking up and the water flows!
deehajee.vee: Ephemeral frozen floral delights