B&W addicted: Misty morning ⬛⬜
Rick Del Carmen: Leaving Darkness Behind
aha52: Morning light (explored 16-Nov-2021)
HWHawerkamp: Bastion
loksisixseven: Hidden Light
agibbsphoto: Arbutus on Notch Hill
simengjelsvik: Cold Breeze
Japan Though My Eyes: Kyoto Street
AgiPit: P5120537LR
_marvellous_77: Black swan
Bruce M Walker: Fuzzy sweater
hetocy: Luna
Ata M Adnan: Bidya Sinha Mim.
Japan Though My Eyes: A bit of snow
Andy Hough Photography: Holly in the sea of ferns
barnalaczy: B&W Lightning
hetocy: Malina
alextanhk: 2015-11-05_10-05-28
fam_nordstrom: Mother and daughter in the sunset, Alcochete, Portugal
CGR62: Complexity