uruguay peñarol: Elevation
sbsrodman: Over your head
mariuszwysocki: Supermoon of January 2018
mariuszwysocki: Waning - saturated - Gibbous 2016
DaRox 2013: Electric Storm
floriankurz: Milkyway
GeorgeTsai 168: Butterfly loves flowers 蝶戀花
Pietro Faccioli: A yard of sky
by Jumille: Colourful Orchid
sfdonald: October Gold
fabianvol: IMG_3195 Ariège - Pyrausta aerealis
Mike_Y_Wong: Spirit Falls
sergtrav: Butterfly
BoguFoto: DSC_0027-2
pterfly: Kallima Inachus
Lorrainemorris: "Tears are the silent language of grief. Voltaire
Lorrainemorris: Eyes so transparent that through them the soul is seen. Theophile Gautier
FotographyKS!: Photography is about struggling with available light and creatively use of artificial light!
sfdonald: Autumn Leaves
DaRox 2013: Ocaso Estelar....
MICHEL & YVETTE: dans la rosée du matin - 2017
DaRox 2013: Tormenta de mar...
PixelJames: Hardraw Force
sfdonald: Sunrise serenity
Ludo_M: Lyon - France CH3A9530
River Oaks Photography: Loretto Staircase - Santa Fe, New Mexico (see description)
River Oaks Photography: wings-on-the-water