maqsmughal: 2K2A1662 _ Grooming Scarlet chested sunbird
maqsmughal: 2K2A1763 _ Black Rhinoceros eye balling whilst grazing
maqsmughal: IMG_8151 _ Tawany Eagle in shade
maqsmughal: 3U8A5918 _ White-backed Vulture - Mara
maqsmughal: 2K2A1196 _ Chicks chilling .... Egyptian geese goslings
maqsmughal: 3U8A2981 _ Getting ears cheked up
maqsmughal: 3U8A5937 _ Focused towards the kill
maqsmughal: 2K2A1487 _ Male Ostrich
maqsmughal: 2K2A1245 _ Motherly Love from caring mother Morana
maqsmughal: IMG_7888 _ Tawny Eagle fully alert
maqsmughal: IMG_8144 _ Mother Giraffe with her baby
maqsmughal: IMG_8401 _ Moving away
maqsmughal: IMG_7700 _ Bee-eaters in scorching sun
maqsmughal: 3U8A5790 _ Magnificent cat in full stretch
maqsmughal: 3U8A5743 _ King of the rock scanning horizon
maqsmughal: IMG_8723 _Pigoen landing
maqsmughal: IMG_6768 _Bronze bird - female
maqsmughal: IMG_6720 _ Variable Sunbird male
maqsmughal: IMG_2858 _ Happy Bulbul
maqsmughal: IMG_3964 _Hyena following the smell of a kill
maqsmughal: 3U8A5700 _ Lilac-breasted Roller perched
maqsmughal: 3U8A3443 _ Male Saddle-billed Stork
maqsmughal: 2K2A1640 _ Cubs keeping up with mum
maqsmughal: 2K2A1650 _ Long necker
maqsmughal: 3U8A5783 _ Curly tail Leopard
maqsmughal: IMG_4102 _ Plenty to feed
maqsmughal: 3U8A5183 _ Bush Hyrax relaxing on the rock
maqsmughal: 3U8A3440 _ Zebra seen licking rock
maqsmughal: 2K2A0834 _ Little Bee-eater perched
maqsmughal: IMG_4580 _ Grazing in peace